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About Us

BC Media Lab is your reliable source for all your digital creative media development. We work with great developers and industry experts to meet your needs and help you succeed.

Our team is comprised of industry veterans with decades of experience making AAA, award-winning action games, developing IP from the ground-up, and making existing IP shine.

BC Media Lab is the production house from Gamacon (, a non-profit organization that has been promoting and fostering the videogame and creative media development industry in Mexico since 2008.

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Team Capabilities

BC Media Lab offers the following services:


● Experience with all Major Game Engines
● Full-Stack Development


● 2D Graphic Design and UI/UX Design
● 2D Motion Graphics Design
● 3D Modeling and Animation


● Gameplay Design
● Free-to-Play and Monetization Design
● Music and SFX
● Physical Interactive Installations


● Project consulting
● Native or hybrid Android or iOS applications
● Progressive web apps, and responsive websites
● One or multi-page site, intranet, e-commerce
● Client-server desktop applications, legacy systems, embedded software programming


● Scanning multi-camera photogrammetry and processing of models
● Digital human asset creation for content


● Creative direction
● Production crews & editing teams

Videogame on Screen
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Some of our Projects

Studio Highlights

Mariposa Monarca.png

Project: Mask (Original IP)

The Legend of the Masks tells us of an unknown warrior chosen by an ancient Mask to inherit its power and become the mightiest warrior the world has ever seen. Fulfill the Ancient Prophecy by guiding a humble taxi driver to become the Legend of the Mask.

Leave a Tip 1.jpeg

Leave A Tip (Original IP) – Keeper Team

This Bartending sim is focused on character interactions that have real consequences on the bar's design and the types of patrons who visit. Challenge your bartending skills, keep your business open, and make some friends, in the process!


Pizzonona The Videogame

Our Client wanted a video game to generate interest among children and teens, to deliver promotional coupons and to boost sales. We created a video game about a delivery driver that fights hunger while avoiding the "hangry" citizens of Mexicali.

Shooter animation.png

Strategy shooter animation – Masked Republic/Asteri-Networks

Our Client needed an animation that would simulate gameplay for data analysis to aid in deciding what type of game to make.
The animation proved valuable for the client to make a decision regarding the optimal path for concept development. We are currently developing the agreed-upon game.


Digital Influencer for a recognized brand – Eugenia

Our Client needed a digital influencer where they could have total control, and that would allow them to enter several emerging markets.
It was an innovative, successful project that allowed them to accomplish their goals in their target markets. – Masked Republic

Our Client wasn’t getting enough traffic to their website, and their antiquated upload process was hampering productivity.
The website now has a healthy number of traffic and their editors can upload in real-time.

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Meet the Team

The People Who Make Magic

Hugo - Comic con 2019.jpg

Hugo Castro

Co-Founder / CEO

"Transforming hearts, minds and worlds"

Rich Bisso.jpg

Rich Bisso

Co-Founder / CSO

"Building legendary teams and devastatingly effective plans of attack"


Tomo Moriwaki


"The art of war, the science of art, and games"

Hugo Gomez 2.jpg

Hugo Gómez

Mobile &
Web App Producer

"Creating Modern and legacy software solutions using creative engineering"


Memige Den Adel

Tech Advisor

"Providing front line engineers with tactical training and strategic awareness"


Trisha Williams

Art Advisor

"Virtual world builder and professional troll hunter"


Joe Unger

Management Advisor

"Professional virtual die roller and teller of fortunes"

Armando Camacho.jpeg

Armando Camacho

Artistic Advisor

"Art is will to form"

Edgar Leal.jpeg

Edgar Leal

Lead Programmer

“Inspiring people through code”

Abraham Villalobos.jpeg

Abraham Villalobos

Lead Designer

“Portals to other worlds, all at your fingertips”

Isaac Flores.jpeg

Isaac Flores “Akupuff”

Lead Artist

“Dream with passion,  create with intent and learn with humility”

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Clients & Partners

Successful Collaborations

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2 Pizzonona.jpg
3 HKS.png
4 Logo_Corvus Black937x365.png
5 Carico.png
6 pigeonhole.jpg
7 Keeper Team.jpeg
8 Playlife Co.png
9 Asteri-Networks-Logo.png
10 logo negro.png
11 upbc.png
12 UTT.png
13 UABC.png
14 logo_curada_studios (negro).png
Pulsar Media.png
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+52 686 388-6026

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